Knotice Updates and A New Lunch Pailer

Josh GordonGreetings loyal Lunch Pail readers! It's been a little while since we've had a general blog update. We had a record month in January, and were barely off that record in the short month of February. It seems that there is urgency about getting better at direct digital marketing, as marketers are seeking out processes and software that effectively streamline operations and boost performance (that's what the blog's organic keyword search referrals say, anyway!).

We’re excited to welcome Scott Cooper to the blog soon. He’ll be contributing from a technical project management perspective. He has a great deal of insight in how to create aggressive but manageable project timelines while pushing for ambitious results. Keep an eye out for his post on building an effective project timeline later in the month.

Wise Marketer also recently published a story on our Direct Digital Marketing approach, and how it’s gaining momentum throughout the digital marketing world. You can read what Pete Clark wrote here.

Knotice also reorganized some of the content on our website. Now you can read our Solutions section or our Software section. Check them out and let us know what you think.

One more quick note. Bryce has taken over the blog! In addition to winning the “most views for the month” award here at the Lunch Pail, he’s also contributed some outstanding content. If you missed his posts during “Relevance Week” I recommend you go back and check them out. He approached the idea of relevance in online marketing communications from a few different angles. He talked about the barriers to adopting relevance into online marketing programs, the ROI possible with relevance, and how to bring relevance into your marketing organization.
He also recently posted a real world road map for finding and implementing the right email marketing solution.

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, now is a good time. Much like Relevance Week, we will unveil Process Week soon, addressing the need for improved digital marketing processes. Chris will be back with his popular Buzz Words Demystified series, and we’ll have a bunch of good digital marketing tips and trends to share.


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