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Josh GordonI will be attending the National Retail Federation/ Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference in San Francisco this week from March 2-4. I am fairly selective about which events I choose to attend. I really enjoy retail shows for many reasons… one of which I will highlight in a moment. Retail is a celebration of consumerism and marketing engagement. This event will feature plenty of content for insights into both improving sales and improving future sales – also known as loyalty.
From targeted website content to email to mobile marketing in all of its iterations, retailers inherently understand best how to engage consumers and achieve a sale.

Retail and eCommerce principles are in practice not only in the e-retail industry but in many industries. While the NRF and serve the retail industry, smart marketers from many different industries glean knowledge from these conferences and apply it within their own industry to improve engagement and sales. The principles of eCommerce and direct digital marketing are in many ways industry-neutral. For example, I know of many marketers in key positions in the restaurant and hospitality industries that use retail and eCommerce principles as the foundation of their strategies. Folks, these are some of the best and brightest marketing minds in retail and attendees will learn techniques and strategies that get results in any industry.

The event promises great keynotes and breakout sessions across the agenda. Here are a few on day one I think are worthwhile.

The first keynote is from the CMO of Williams-Sonoma, Patrick J. Connolly, who is a direct marketing expert. What is interesting about Connolly, though his heritage is in direct marketing, he acknowledges the future of marketing for him belongs in the direct digital marketing channels of email, mobile, and – the most direct channel of all – the website.

The second keynote is another “can’t miss” for marketing professionals in any industry. The topic seems buzzword-y and simple – Five New Principles for Retail Consumer Engagement. Research indicates that most industries struggle with engagement and can always grow sales in the near and long term.

The third keynote – still on the first day – is entitled The Mobile Revolution and delivered by Shopkick’s co-founder Cyriac Roeding. This is an important keynote because too many misconceptions exist about what mobile marketing is, and what it is not. And, most of the misconceptions are driven by those with the least amount of working knowledge of how to deliver real business value from the mobile device .

The afternoon breakout sessions on day one will be interesting too, though I will be skipping the ubiquitous social media breakout. You can find me in The Cross Channel Marketing Mix session that claims the term “multi-channel” is dead and that “cross channel” is the new, preferred term. I remain unconvinced on this one, and will report my considered findings back here after the session.

As usual with any event Knotice chooses to attend, I will be blogging from the event. I am particularly excited about this event because of the compelling keynote topics, a few interesting breakout sessions, and the Racie Awards dinner on Wednesday. Rarely is there a collection of great such retail, marketing, and advertising talent in one spot. Stay tuned to the Lunch Pail for plenty of posts recounting the best and brightest takeaways from what promises to be a great few days of learning.

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