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Josh GordonBryce Marshall, Knotice's resident mobile marketing expert and author of the award winning white paper Making Sense of Mobile Marketing, recently presented to the Sacramento AMA about the value of mobile marketing, especially as it relates to an overall direct digital marketing strategy. Mobile is obviously not a unique channel strategy unto itself, but is most effective when leveraged with other coordinated marketing activities. Bryce recently followed up his presentation with a Q&A session touching on the importance of mobile marketing, its overall value proposition, and its place in direct digital marketing. The Q&A session was hosted by marketing guru Deepak Gupta.

Here are a few key takeaways from Bryce, but I recommend reading the Q&A in its entirety:

Question: How does mobile fit into a direct digital marketing strategy?

Answer: Mobile is a core component of direct digital marketing strategy. When we talk about the primary channels of direct digital marketing – email, web and mobile – we know that each has distinct strengths and a comprehensive digital strategy needs to incorporate all of them, to be highly successful. Mobile marketing becomes more and more important everyday as consumers use their mobile devices daily and have come to value mobile content more than any other digital channel in many respects. Mobile is not going to replace these other digital channels, but rather consumers will use mobile interactions for very specific use cases. Marketers who can take advantage the opportunities in mobile now will be laying the groundwork for a new digital strategy that will pay off in big ways in the near and long term.

Question: What are some important things to keep in mind when considering a mobile marketing campaign?

Answer: The most common mistake I see is marketers holding to a narrow view of what “mobile marketing” means. Many smart people have very different working definitions of “mobile” that pre-determine their focus and ambitions, and these pre-determinations directly conflict with their overall marketing objectives. For example, many marketers think of “mobile” as text messaging, and this may pre-determine an SMS-centric approach that may not create enough revenue opportunity for a luxury brand. Many marketers think apps are the be-all/end-all of “mobile” marketing and will sink huge amounts of money into an app, when their core audience may not be iPhone users. Smart marketers must consider all of the fundamentals of mobile equally first, then key on the right tactical options for their campaign objectives.

For more insights from Bryce on mobile marketing download the award winning white paper or leave your questions in the comments section below.

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