Knotice Adds Mobile Leadership, Expertise

Casey Barto What do you get when you combine a former competitive rugby player and a passion for mobile marketing? You get Dave Lawson, Knotice’s new Director of Mobile Engagement.
Dave has had a passion for mobile ever since he purchased his first cell phone. Since then he has jumped feet first into the mobile space, learning all he can about how consumers use mobile to interact with brands.

“It’s an immediate, powerful, trusted communication for push and now pull marketing, if a brand can use it the right way,” Lawson said of mobile technology. “When you combine that with the amazing computing power and just plain cool implementations of mobile device-native technology, I’m in.”

He comes to Knotice’s West Coast office with over a decade of experience working with top global brands to transform the way they communicate with their customers. Having worked with brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Pfizer, Bath and Body Works, Coca-Cola, Lexus, and many more, Dave is excited to bring his expertise to Knotice.

“Having had a chance to have my hands on competitive products in the marketing space, it’s pretty clear the team here has done things right since the beginning—something that is really hard to do,” Lawson said. “Even on my first few days here in the office, it was just a great feeling to be a part of the team.”

Dave’s interest in mobile has taken him around the country, from Northeast Ohio to California and places in between. A resident of the San Francisco Bay area, Dave is proud of his Northeast Ohio roots.

“Even though I’ve lived in California since 1998, I still strongly identify as an Ohioan,” Lawson said. “There is a level of quality in the fabric of the people in the area that I think might be underappreciated elsewhere.”

When he’s not in the office, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife and son, and of course participating in any kind of game or sport. He’s even experimented with growing grapes and making wine.

We are happy to have Dave as part of the Knotice team. Welcome, Dave!


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