Some Useful Mobile Trends and Insight

Casey BartoIt’s no secret that the consumer is mobile. It’s a topic we’ve discussed quite a bit here on The Lunch Pail.
Frequent Lunch Pail contributor and mobile marketing expert Bryce Marshall was recently a featured guest on Brian Prows’ highly-regarded mobile podcast IM-Mobile. Brian and Bryce chatted about the current mobile landscape, upcoming mobile trends, and Canon’s innovative 2D tagging solution.

Here are a couple of takeaways from the conversation, but I recommend you check out the podcast in its entirety.

Starting Points for Mobile

With a wide array of emerging mobile technologies and devices, a diversified approach to mobile is necessary now more than ever. SMS, mobile advertising, and a branded mobile web or app experience are all good starting points. When it comes to customer acquisition, Bryce explains, it’s important to keep in mind that SMS should be a foundational consideration for your mobile strategy. SMS has the widest reach of any mobile tactic, while mobile advertising (whether search or display) is becoming a very credible channel thanks to the conversion success marketers are seeing. A branded mobile web or app experience is also an important element for a customer acquisition strategy.

The Consumer Landscape is Changing Very Quickly

A year ago, the Android operating system made up approximately 1 percent of the market share. Today, it accounts for nearly 28 percent. (It’s also the reason Dutch won his mobile bet.) Consumers are jumping on the mobile bandwagon at unprecedented rates, and marketers taking a “pilot approach” to mobile will land them in the consumer’s rear view mirror. It’s important, Bryce notes, for marketers to track consumer projections in the mobile space to get a clearer view of what their potential audience may be doing down the road. Things are moving so quickly that you have to take aim a bit ahead so your launch isn’t already behind.

It’s not necessarily what you put in market right now that matters most. It’s more about how many test-and-learn cycles can you get through by the next holiday shopping season, or by the time back-to-school begins. How proficient are you going to be with engaging your audience across those mobile channels when they become mass marketing?

Don’t Forget About the Mobile Web Experience

Mobile apps get a lot of attention. As a result, the app experience is top of mind for many consumers and marketers. However, don’t forget about or discount the mobile web experience. Before spending any marketing dollars on a flashy app, look first at the mobile web and do a criteria-based assessment before weighing the pros and cons of an app. When considering each option, keep your marketing objectives in mind: which mobile experience will give you the mobile value for your dollar?

For more insights from Bryce, check out some of his recent posts, or leave a comment below.


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