Dig Deeper into Unified Messaging Details

Consumers are connected in more ways than ever. They use their mobile devices, desktop, Facebook Twitter and more to stay on top of news, offers, coupons and other happenings. So it’s no surprise that these super connected consumers have extremely high expectations for relevant messages across multiple channels.

Unfortunately, many marketers fail to deliver the level of relevance across channels that consumers demand because they can’t easily create a unified view of their customers or bring their channels seamlessly together so the same real-time data can inform content or different message formats regardless of channel.

Forrester Research Inc. calls on marketers to finally embrace the unification of digital messaging channels, introducing what it calls “customer-focused integrated messaging” in its latest report “The New Messaging Mandate” (January 2012)

In this report, Forrester urges brands to reinvent their current messaging approach by creating a unified view of the customer for highly relevant messaging supported by a comprehensive dataset. Knotice refers to this concept as unified direct digital marketing.

Additionally, the report takes a look at why marketers must consolidate messaging platforms in order to break down channel silos and facilitate the right-channeling of messages. It really is a must-read for those interested in reaching today’s consumers with relevant, consistent messaging across a variety of digital channels. It also explains how brands increase results by taking a more integrated approach, as did Oreck, a Knotice customer featured in the report. You can download a copy here.

If you’re interested in going deeper into the data and details of “The New Messaging Mandate,” exploring real results and analytics of brands that have already adopted a unified approach for customer-focused messaging across multiple touchpoints, join us for an exclusive webinar on Feb. 14 at 1:30 EST, featuring Ari Osur, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research (and author of the report), along with Knotice’s Brian Deagan and Jeff Carey.

During the webinar, you’ll:

  • Gain visibility into customer-centric messaging, including the framework behind a unified view of consumers across channels
  • Take a deep dive into real case-study examples, including Knotice customer Oreck, featuring data profiles, segments, analytics and more
  • Learn actionable insights to help increase conversions by taking a unified approach
  • Get exclusive access to information not found in the original report

There’s no fee to take part and definitely worth a listen. You can register here or click on the banner below.

We look forward to having you at the webinar! Be sure to sign up now to get in on your calendar.

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