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The Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Data Management

10. Data makes you smarter… even when you’re surprised your tests did what they did. 9. Data makes you stronger… backing up your hunches with real numbers and trends. 8. Data makes you richer… higher ROI for the work you do means everybody wins. 7. Data makes you frugal… reduce your marketing spend by knowing […]

Introducing Knotice Mobile View

Today we announced the launch of a cool new tool designed to help marketers get a clear view of email audiences across device types. Knotice is known for its Mobile Email Opens Reports. Now we open that capability up to you, to use for your own campaigns. And the best part? It’s free. Knotice Mobile […]

Email Essentials over Breakfast

Ah, email. With all the articles being written about the mobility of consumers, the death of third party cookies and other tech news, it seems like the good old standby email has been overlooked recently. Even though consumer behavior and technology are evolving at a rapid pace, email remains a preferred way to communicate with […]

Is Big Data a Big Headache?

If data integration is on your roadmap, you’re not alone. Most marketers are struggling with the same issues when it comes to pulling together data from across sources to better understand and reach their customers. To help you get the most from your data, join us next week for a special live webinar, “Reaching Today’s […]

A Comparison of Mobile Design Approaches

For marketers dealing with the challenge of multiple screens and varying viewports, it’s important to understand the differences between various design approaches. Let’s look at the differences between a desktop version, responsive design version and predictive design approach – all of the same campaign. On the desktop version (left), you can see how the main […]

April Fool’s Tech Foolishness

Technology can take your game on April Fool’s Day to a whole new level. We asked the team here at Knotice about some of their favorite pranks – especially digital ones. Here’s what they had to say. From Dutch: “1) USB Phantom keystroke device inserts random characters on the target’s machine. 2) Replace the target’s […]

Responsive Design: What to Expect by Device Type

As email is becoming more mobile, the landscape is also becoming more complex. The myriad of device types available present unique challenges when it comes to email design. Enter responsive design as a solution to address the diversity of device types. Responsive design is an HTML email (or Web page) built on a flexible framework. […]

When Push Messages Gets Too Pushy

Using push messages can be an excellent way to connect with your audience while they’re on the go. An important, and often overlooked point, is the context of where the customer is when you send that push notification. Depending on the day and time, they may be in your store, using your app to find […]

Details on Using Responsive Design for Email

Today’s consumers are no longer trapped behind a computer. They’re constantly on the move, getting information on whichever screen is handy to them at the time. That means your audience could be checking email on a variety of devices, from phones to tablets, e-readers, laptops and more. In fact, by the end of the year […]

When Ad Targeting Misses the Mark

Think back to the last time you made a purchase or were browsing a product online. What was the display ad experience like? Were you targeted with ads for a product of interest to you? Were you served ads that offered an upsell to a recent purchase, like a cool accessory? When done right, targeted […]


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