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Privacy Law and Direct Digital Marketing Update

The rapid evolution of direct digital marketing, fueled by an intense reliance on data quality and capture, has entangled privacy and marketing, and drawn the attention of powerful lawmakers. It is wise to keep an eye out for any consumer privacy developments on Capitol Hill - especially when the developments may have an impact on […]

Dangerous Extremes in Marketing Analysis

Mass marketing is dead. Direct mail is dead. Email marketing is dead. A quick Google search, with each phrase in quotations, yielded 7,050 results, 3,850 results, and 44,300 results respectively. Two quick conclusions can be drawn when analyzing these results. First, the huge disparity between email marketing’s perceived death and the others makes me wonder […]

Mobile Revolution, or Evolution?

After the conclusion of last week’s 2010 Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference . I had the opportunity to reflect more on the content presented, and the way in which it was presented. The form of presentation matters a great deal because it directly contributes to how the audience digests something. Rarely have I seen a […]

Getting Started with Direct Digital Marketing

One of the more interesting takeaways from the National Retail Federation’s 2010 Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference was the emphasis on how the legacy of traditional direct marketing principles meshes seamlessly digital channels. Obviously, this is the very essence of direct digital marketing, which identifies the primary direct digital channels as email, mobile, and the […]

How Customer 3.0 Is Changing Retail

When Marketspace’s Jeffery Rayport bounded on to the stage at the Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference it was immediately evident a high-energy and detailed keynote was certain. Rayport delivered an extremely valuable presentation, beginning with an analysis of the consumer. Rayport believes that retail has seen three “releases” of the customer throughout American consumer history. […]

Transformation with Direct Digital Marketing

As I wrote Monday, I am attending the NRF’s Retail Innovation and Marketing Conference in San Francisco this week. The first morning of the conference is off to a wonderful start with two outstanding keynotes from Patrick Connolly, CMO for Williams-Sonoma, and Jeffrey Rayport, Founder and Chairman of Marketspace. Both keynotes were so good that […]

Retail Marketing for Any Industry

I will be attending the National Retail Federation/ Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference in San Francisco this week from March 2-4. I am fairly selective about which events I choose to attend. I really enjoy retail shows for many reasons… one of which I will highlight in a moment. Retail is a celebration of consumerism […]

Optimistic Online Retail Holiday Forecasts

The holiday season must be just around the corner. At least I hope it is… or that snow outside my office window is a huge bummer. But, while the weather is getting colder, the economy appears is in the beginning stages of a thaw. However, according to some industry analysts, the impact of a thaw […]

101: A Twitter Contest, the Results

In my last post I wrote about the Twitter contest Knotice held at the Annual Summit. This was the first time Knotice used Twitter as a channel to promote the company and our direct digital marketing concept. For someone to enter the contest they needed to have one of Knotice's booth staff give them […]

The Ease of Mobile Quick Polls,

At the 2009 Annual Summit, Knotice was pleased to run the live mobile quick polls to kick off the event.’s Executive Director Scott Silverman wanted to get a sense of what the event’s attendees were expecting from the online retail sector and from the Annual Summit – in real time. As the event’s […]


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