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Enhancements for Email Betting, I Mean Testing

We love email testing at Knotice. When it comes to our own campaigns, we like to up the ante - literally. For each test, there is usually a corresponding betting pool going on. Granted, testing provides great marketing insights; but, the drama increases when people start wagering on how smart of marketers they are. The […]

How To Build a Good Mobile Marketing Campaign

The mobile marketing reality is that most marketers aren't allocating large swaths of their budgets to mobile quite yet. Interactive marketers are very much in a pilot mentality as it pertains to mobile marketing... and, that's perfectly fine. As a development organization, that means designing and deploying mobile marketing features that won't be overkill for […]

Storing Instead of Schlepping Web Analytics Data

For whatever reason, it's like there is an unwritten law that only web analytics platforms should be able to store web analytics data. Because of this, interactive marketers are faced with the challenge of schlepping the data back and forth to their various systems. This makes no sense. One of the things that makes our […]

Stop Monkeying Around With Form and Survey Data

Forms and surveys don't get much love from interactive marketers. They are usually an afterthought, "Oh yea, we need a form." The degree of thought that goes into the form or the survey usually pertains to what the fields are. Which makes sense - interactive marketers shouldn't care if it's some custom PHP thing or […]

Get Organized With Concentri's New Calendar

Interactive marketers often are juggling a lot of different things. On any given day, week -- let alone month -- there can be a lot going on. It can be difficult to keep everything straight. And, it usually all ends up in an Excel spreadsheet that some lucky individual gets to own. Because of this […]

Good Data Can Actually Take Less Time

We're all about relevancy and message optimization here at Knotice. At the end of the day, that requires timely, accurate data to drive targeted interactive marketing. If the data isn't good, the targeted marketing won't be either. Unfortunately, for so long, it's taken a lot of work to get good data. I think this continues […]

Meet The Developers

We talk a great deal on this blog about how we feel about this online marketing industry, our beliefs about mobile marketing, email marketing, onsite and other behavioral targeting and the industries of many of our clients. We're going to add another voice, another perspective, to our blog that I think many of you loyal […]

What Makes Good Software Good, Part 2

Tend to Your Marketing Profile Database Your profile database is a living environment composed of dynamic individuals that should be carefully nurtured. Think of your profile environment as more than a series of static lists consisting of a handful of custom fields; it's composed of real people, and should be capable of evolving over time. […]

What Makes Good Software Good, Part 1

Simple Sophistication First-class online marketing software should reflect patterns found in nature. The most important of these patterns is presenting an elegant exterior that veils the tremendous complexity contained within. Marketing professionals are sophisticated users who expect their software to simplify the planning, execution and analysis of complex multi-stage, multi-channel online marketing campaigns. Software developers […]


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