Direct Digital Marketing is More Than Mobile

As regular Lunch Pail readers have no doubt determined by now, we’ve ramped up our coverage of mobile marketing. We did this, and will continue to do it, because of a few basic truths about direct digital marketing. Most notable among these truths is the fact that more executives in the C-Suite are demanding their […]

Analyzing Behavioral Targeting Best Practices

On Monday I wrote about the need for the discourse around behavioral targeting technology, in Congress and elsewhere, to be careful not to use a broad brush when determining the best practices for the technology. Not all forms of behavioral targeting are the same (network versus onsite); therefore the same rules should not govern all […]

BT's Official Self-Regulation Proposal

After much speculation, the proposed standards of self-regulation for behavioral targeting have finally been announced. You may remember that I commented on this exact topic at the end of 2008, concluding that however the industry determines it should be regulated, the two different types of behavioral targeting must be treated differently. DM News' Dianna Dilworth […]

Happy Birthday, Lunch Pail!

Please join in wishing our humble blog, the Lunch Pail, a very happy first birthday. We could sing, but I'm sure no one wants to hear that. Instead, let's take a look at the best offerings on the Lunch Pail in the last year. Requiring our variety of distinguished digital marketing experts to publish a […]

Big Spenders Like Relevant Digital Content

As the more loyal Lunch Pail readers are well aware, we care a great deal about relevance in digital marketing. On many previous occasions we've had experts lend their smarts to the blog to introduce, analyze, and review the various aspects of a relevant digital marketing strategy. Bryce has posted at length about how to […]

Is Behavioral Targeting Gaining Public Acceptance?

A recent article, published by the WebProNews, announced the results of a recent Truste survey of online consumers and their general feelings toward behavioral targeting technologies. The article’s author points out that general acceptance is increasing among consumers. But, the article (and the survey) fails to differentiate between types of behavioral targeting. This is significant, […]

How To Classify Types of Behavioral Targeting

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a Behavioral Targeting Standards Consortium (BTSC for short) talk from Emily Riley, a senior analyst from Jupiter Research (which has now, as of January 1, been officially absorbed by Forrester Research). While Knotice isn't exclusively a targeting company (shameless self-promotion… find out about our software here), we have […]

Meet The Developers

We talk a great deal on this blog about how we feel about this online marketing industry, our beliefs about mobile marketing, email marketing, onsite and other behavioral targeting and the industries of many of our clients. We're going to add another voice, another perspective, to our blog that I think many of you loyal […]

101: Understanding Digital Cookies…Yum

I didn't know that much about cookies when I first started at Knotice. I thought they were one of two things: A scrumptious sugary treat, or something that was bad for your computer. I had to realize what a cookie actually did when it came to the online world, and the difference between the different […] Day 2 -- Preview

I'm a pretty busy guy again today. I'm hitting the keynote from Forrester Research Senior Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru in the morning. She's giving her annual "The State of Retailing Online" address, which is always helpful and informative for our retail clients and clients that aren't considered retail, but adopt that approach to their online marketing. […]


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