A Comparison of Mobile Design Approaches

For marketers dealing with the challenge of multiple screens and varying viewports, it’s important to understand the differences between various design approaches. Let’s look at the differences between a desktop version, responsive design version and predictive design approach – all of the same campaign. On the desktop version (left), you can see how the main […]

Responsive Design: What to Expect by Device Type

As email is becoming more mobile, the landscape is also becoming more complex. The myriad of device types available present unique challenges when it comes to email design. Enter responsive design as a solution to address the diversity of device types. Responsive design is an HTML email (or Web page) built on a flexible framework. […]

Details on Using Responsive Design for Email

Today’s consumers are no longer trapped behind a computer. They’re constantly on the move, getting information on whichever screen is handy to them at the time. That means your audience could be checking email on a variety of devices, from phones to tablets, e-readers, laptops and more. In fact, by the end of the year […]

Responsive Email Design: The Basics

As mobile technology continues to gain traction as a viable way for customers to access content wherever and whenever they want, smart marketers are following the trend by creating and designing emails that work beautifully not only on a desktop screen, but also on a mobile device. Responsive email design can be a tremendously effective […]

Mobile-ness: It’s not Just for Phones Anymore

For a long time, we’ve talked about the impact of mobile devices on the digital marketing world. Not only in terms of how consumers engage on mobile devices, but also how the adoption and saturation of mobile devices is fundamentally changing user behaviors and consumer culture over time. I have used the term “mobile-ness” to […]


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